Welcome to Slingball

Original Slingball has been called many names over the years. Cowboy golf. Hillbilly golf. In fact, you may have played on a home made set at a family barbecue or at the beach. Like horseshoes and bocce ball, Original Slingball is a game where two to four people play against each other and try to score by wrapping the sling balls around four sets of cross bars. Click on rules and sling slang to learn how the Neu Brothers play this entertaining game!

This website is dedicated and in honor of the Neu brothers’ mother, Marilyn J. Neu, who was diagnosed with MS in her early 20’s. Marilyn has since passed on, but her legacy continues through slingball.com. The majority of proceeds are donated to one of the following organizations on an annual basis.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland: All proceeds go to helping people who are affected by MS.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Oregon: All proceeds go to helping fund research to find a cure for MS.