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Congratulations to our nw champion Jeff “ El Jefe” Wenckus who defeated fellow Oregon State Beaver Frosty “the Colonel” Comer in an epic finals dual.

SAVE THE DATE: Pencil in the last weekend of June 28th-30th 2019


In the Mini Marilyn Kids Tourney congrats go out to new Champion Dawson Auvil who defeated two time fall champion, Lucas Neu.   These two slingers were intensely focused but also relaxed, both making it look easy.

A heartfelt and sincere Thank You to all Slingball participants, volunteers, and sponsors for supporting the 12th annual 2018 Help Fight MS MJN Slingball Tourney.   Additional thanks go out to Tillamook County and the State of Oregon for extending us the permits to put on such a successful event on one of the most beautiful weather days in recent Pacific City history!   Also special thanks to the MSSP of Oregon.  More info to come


Special Thanks to:

· Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland

· Tillamook County/ Parks:  JoAnn Woelfle and Melissa Stresing

· State of Oregon

· Nestucca Valley Sanitary Service for donating garbage service

· Pacific City Sun

· The Woods Family for donating their trailer

· Kathy Rosenburg for donating all of the kid’s prizes

· Kyle Knight and last minute friend Sean Fujinaga for running the big brackets

· Nadia Wald for helping Wendy, Cara, and Tracy with the main event

· Torri Whitchurch for handling the merchandise sales with ease

· Joyce Neu and Gail Rengel for their help with the silent auction

· Vicki Comer for her help with collecting on the betting board

· Haley Haskins, Kelsey Wenckus and Jackie Scanlan for running the kid’s tournament

· Dana Betts and Stephanie Saddler for their last minute step in to help with merchandise sales and set up on Friday night

· Shannon and Mike Winnen for all of their help on Thursday, Friday and Saturday with tournament details


· Cook Security Group

· Breakside Brewing

· Gigantic Brewing

· Portland Trailblazers

· Portland Timbers

· Seattle Sounders

· Franz Bread (Mike Pettit)

· Twist Wine Company

· Reversal Apparel

· Moment Surf Company

· Ben and Jeff’s

· Sportsman Pub and Grub

· Pelican Pub

· Inn at Cape Kiwanda

· The Oar House

· Grateful Bread

· Nestucca Adventures

· Nestucca Valley Sanitary Service

· Nike (Angela Dagler)

· Detroit Pistons (Kyle Draper)

· Miami Heat (Erik Spoelstra)

· Crown Jewelers (Debbi Roppel)

· Rob and Meghan Warnaca

· Rolfe Rehse

· Angela Yvkoff

· Mark Billings

· Mark Westfall

· Joyce Neu

· Kate Arvidson

· Sean Lambert

· Frosty and Vicki Comer

· Wendy Briney

· Aura Haddad

· Sue Parker

· Will Symms

· Jackie and Jimmie Woods

· Kathy Rosenberg


· Nadia Wald

· Kyle Knight

· Torri Whitchurch

· Joyce Neu

· Gail Rengel

· Vicki Comer

· Shannen and Mike Winnen

· Dana Betts

· Matt Betts

· Stephanie Saddler

· Paul Reis

· Shauna Cook

· Lauren Cook

· Brian Cook

· Craig Cook

· Cara Cook

· Elizabeth Wetzel

· Dave Rule

· Haley Haskins

· Kelsey Wenckus

· Jackie Scanlan

· Tracy Wenckus

· Heather O’Leary

· Jill Arnzen

· Kim Haskins

· Ian Schuschardt

· Brenna Loving

· Ashton Thomas

· Frosty Comer

· Angela Dagler

· Rolfe Rehse

· John Brase

· Amber Koons

· Grant Koons

· Jackson Koons

· Joelle Frye

· Jenni Green

· Holly Albertson

· Logan Wald

· Lucas Neu

· Ramsay Neu

Sign up here to play (Click here), or if you can’t make it but would like to buy Sling merch or a custom sling set, click here!

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2017 Summer “MJN Help Fight MS” Slingball Tourney:



Summer “MJN Help Fight MS” Slingball Tourney:
When: Fri-Sun June 23-25th
Where: Pacific City OR, @ the Cape Kiwanda St. Park
Entry: $70 (kids $35) includes $10 Sling merch voucher
Other Details: Coming Soon…
*We elected to not compete with 4th of July week due to rental house pricing and general tourist traffic.
Sign up here for early registration (need registration link)!
Thank you for your support!

 Congratulations to Pat DeBenedetti, The 2016 Marilyn J. Neu “MJN Help Fight MS” Slingball Champion!!!

 1st: Pat DeBenedetti
2nd: Byran Green
3rd: Paul Reis
4th: Sam Johnson

2016 Champ: Pat “Cool Last Name” Debenedetti


 Congratulations to Brady Angelo, This years  Mini Marilyn “MJN Help Fight MS” Slingball Champion!!!

1st: Brady Angelo
2nd: Dawson Auvil
3rd: Ramsay Neu
4th: Liam Symms



Click here for 2016 pictures


2016 Sweet 16

Slingball wants to give Everyone a Huge Thank You for  Participating, Volunteering, donating, or just being a part of Slingball!  Good Times!!

The Neu Brothers













Friday Night Black Shirt Silent Auction June 24th:  At the coast we don’t do “black tie” but we will do “black shirt”!  We will have a Friday Night Check in and Silent Auction will  be at the Pelican PUB in Pacific City.  Nothing fancy, but a chance to taste some Beer and bid on some cool donated items to raise additional funds.

Saturday, June 25th, is main Tourney play:  In Front of the Pelican PUB.  Make it through Saturday with only one loss then your on to Sunday!

Sunday, June 26th,  is Sweet 16 and Champ is Crowned:  If you make it to this day, an you could be the New Champ!!

Where: Pacific City, OR (Behind The Pelican PUB)

When: June 24th-26th, 2016

Adult Entry: $75.00 per person (includes double elimination play, $10 voucher, and ticket for BBQ) for participants age 13 and up.   Click here for entry!

Kid’s Entry- $40 per person (includes double elimination play, $5 voucher, ticket for BBQ, and participation ribbon) for ages 6-12.  Click here for entry!

*Early Registration Prizes! April 15th guarantees entry in a drawing to win one of the following prizes!

  • $50 in Slingball Gear
  • 1st Round Bye in the the Tourney
  • Half off Registration entry

Court Expansion/Brackets: Speaking of bracketing, we’ve expanded the courts and bracketing format to 12 total adult courts and 4 total kids courts. Like last year we will host two primary shifts: 8:00am-12:00pm (The Negator & Mary Lou brackets) and 1:00pm-5:00pm (The 3 Ring Circus & Snapback brackets). This will help keep things moving.

fitzThe “Fitz” Betting Board: Wager on your top favorite or sleeper to win the coveted Slingball Cup! Named in honor of Randy’s Fraternity Brother, Michael Timothy Fitzpatrick, who was taken from us prematurely in 2014.  Fits was a Huge Sports fan so this tribute fits him.  The Betting Board lists all participants and is similar to the silent auction format.  Anyone can wager on any player and eventually outbid others.  After the final bidding bell, then you own that player if you have the highest bid.  Half the earnings go to Fighting MS and the other half will go to who ever has the highest bid on the Winner of Slingball.  Who will dethrone 2015 Champion, Bryan Green? Check out past champs, for some favorites like Carter Neu or Chris Koons!


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2015 Sweet 16 Sunday Players

 Never played before?  No worries…it’s super easy and we had two rookies in the top 6 last year!  In fact we’ve had a rookie win the tournament before.  Please save the date and book your lodging for the 10th Annual MJN Help Fight MS Slingball Tournament in Pacific City OR!  If everyone can invite one new acquaintance, we will grow the event and raise more awareness! Click here for last years photo gallery.

Volunteers needed! With the tournament growing, if you are not playing…you can still volunteer to help keep score or keep the tourney moving.  You can also volunteer even if you are playing in the tourney.  Click here to volunteer or email randy@slingball.com!

Donations needed!  Have a cool connection like Nike, the Blazers, or adidas?  Or even gift certificates for restaurants or online companies?  Anything that we could use for the silent auction or as a prize for the tourney! Click here to donate a Silent Auction item or email randy@slingball.com!

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Click Here for 2015 Tourney Pictures 


A Sincere Thank You to all Slingball Participants, Supporters, Volunteers, Donators!!! The Neu Brothers, Randy & Carter would like to thank everyone who participated and/or supported the 9th Annual MJN “Help Fight MS” Slingball Tourney. We raised just over $18,000 to help the fight against MS which once again surpasses our previous year and is an all-time record! Each of you make a HUGE difference in helping those effected by MS. As Candyce from the MSSP stated, “Everyone gets an AC unit, no one is turned away!” What a difference each of you makes! 

Our mother, Marilyn J. Neu, would be proud of all of you as she believed in “having fun, paying it forward, and meeting new friends.” We feel we accomplished that mission! That said, we wanted to recap the 9th Annual MJN “Help Fight MS” Slingball Tourney:

The Grown Ups Tourney! After a little bit of wind chill scare in the am, the weather leveled out for a fantastic day of Slingball! Each of the four divisions hosted hundreds of extraordinary games and masterful slinging to eventually produce the Sunday “Sweet 16″… They are listed as follows:

The Negators: Chris Koons, Carter Neu, JoLynn Foulon (the Lone Female!), and Jack Eggleston (from the kids tourney to the adult Sweet 16!) 

The Mary Lous: Bill Swanick, Connor Justrom, Frosty Comer, and Jeff Firstenberg 

The 3 Ring Circuses: John Brase, Jeff Wenckus, Michael Catherall, and Aaron Angelo 

The Snapbacks: Bryan Green, Trevor Green (Bryan Green’s son), Grove Hunt, Darrell Auvil (cousin of the Green’s!)

In the end, four pillars of absolute excellence (two of them former champs) made their way to the main Slingball courts to battle it out to see who was going to be crowned 2015’s Slingball Champion! These four masters were: John Brase, Carter Neu, Bill Swanick and Bryan Green.

With two former champions (Carter Neu and Bryan Green) making it to the “Final Four”, the crowd was eager to see if we would have the first two-time champ crowned since Tyson Labrousse did it in inaugural years one and two. Or would we have a brand new champion in John Brase or Bill Swanick, who were determined not to let this happen? In the end it was Bryan “Big Green Machine” Green who fended off finals newcomer, Bill “The Competitor” Swanick and as a result, returned to his days of glory to capture his 2nd Slingball Cup in 5 years. In true sling fashion he dumped his ceremonial beer on his head and celebrated in style with his son, Austin who was the winner of the Kid’s Mini-Marilyn Slingball tourney (also a first!). 

The Kids Mini Marilyn Tourney! Additionally impressive was the intensity and artfulness of the Kid’s Division where four sharp shooters managed to make their way to the Sunday court: Preston Slama, Drew Eggleston, Liam Symms and Austin Green.Several see-saw battles ensued as the sharp shooters shared their skill with the crowd. There were “oohs” and “ahhs”, cheering and nervous silence… but in the end it was Austin Green who fended off Liam Symms in one of the tightest kid’s duels to date! Congrats to Austin who joined his Dad, Bryan as the only Father/Son champs ever to both win Slingball. Wow!  Congrats goes out to all the kids that participated. They are all winners in our book! 



Thanks for your Support!

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Proceeds go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland. 

Tax ID #93-0511355 MSSP

Lodging Tip:  Make it a mini vacation! Take Friday and Monday off (June 26th – June 29th). Below are lodging links. Best value are the beach home rentals, so grab some new friends and family and come on down!

Visit: http://www.pacificcity.org/Biz/directory/accommodations.html

Thanks again all!

The Neu Brothers

 This website is dedicated and in honor of the Neu brothers’ mother, Marilyn J. Neu, who was diagnosed with MS in her early 20’s. Marilyn has since passed on, but her legacy continues through slingball.com. The majority of proceeds are donated to one of the following organizations on an annual basis.

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland: All proceeds go to helping people who are affected by MS.

National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Oregon Chapter: All proceeds go to helping fund research to find a cure for MS.


A big thank you to Cook Security Group and their Cook Community Builders program, for the donation of employees time and building materials to help build Slingball sets!!!

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