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Official Neu Bros. Original Slingball Rules and Regulations

A8-WebLike horseshoes, corn hole, and bocce ball, Sling Ball is a game where 2-4 people play against each other and try to score by wrapping the slingballs around 4 sets of cross bars. The top cross bar is worth one point, the 2nd cross bar worth two, and the 3rd bottom cross bar worth 3 points. The rear cross bar is worth 4 points. Each person gets a three slingballs and three tosses.  Players alternate toss.  You play until they land exactly on 21 points and the first one to land on 21 points wins. Rules below will explain what happen if you go over.


  • To determine who goes first, you rock, paper, scissors (only to begin match)
  • A “Match” is the entire game
  • A “Round” is 6 tosses (3 by each player)
  • A “Turn” is one toss
  • Players must toss from behind the front ground bar
  • Players alternate slingball tosses
  • Top bar scores 1 point
  • Middle bar scores 2 points
  • Bottom bar scores 3 points
  • Rear bar scores 4 points
  • A “Negation” takes place when you land on the same crossbar as competitor.  This cancels each other out and no points are awarded.
  • Three ring circus equals 1 bonus point:  scoring all three sling balls on the same cross bar.  (With no “Negation”)
  • Water fall equals 1 bonus point: Scoring one sling ball on each cross bar (not including rear bar).  (With no “Negation”)
  • Rapping a slingball around one of the 4 vertical side bars, on the ground level  is 1 point.  Rope of slingball must be crossed.
  • Higher score always goes first after latest round
  • 21 points at the end of a round wins.  If you go over 21 in a round, you go back to the score you had, when started that round.  (But don’t give up on that round if you go over, our opponent could cancel the points that put you over, and you are back in to win.)
  • Automatic win:  Snap back to opposite Cross bar, extremely rare, in fact never been witnessed by humans.
  • Throwing Style:  There is no proper way to throw a Slingball!  Past Champs like the Sidewinder Style!

B1- WebOptional Rules: Do not have to follow!

Beverage rules: players must play with beverage of choice in one hand at all times. Most popular beverage to date: beer
Psych out rules: players can do anything except physically touch or get in the way of the tosser.  This can be quite entertaining for spectators.
Costume rules:  In tournaments players are welcome to dress as wacky as they can to confuse there opponent!


Distance between cross bars: 25 feet
Distance between sling balls: 1 foot (center of ball)
Distance between cross bars: 1 foot (the space between)
Distance off ground surface: 1 foot
Distance between rear bar & bottom bar: 2 feet
Width of cross bars: 2 feet
Thickness of cross bars: 3/4 inch
Gage of sling ball string: 3/16 inch


Disclaimer: Original Slingball should be played with adult supervision. Not for children. Do not throw Slingballs while others are in front of players. Best to play on sand or grass away from spectators to avoid injury or damage to property.

A big thank you to Cook Solutions Group and their Cook Community Builders program, for the donation of employees time and building materials to help build Slingball sets!!!