"Celebrate Life, Play Slingball, Help fight MS!"


Hello Slingball Community and MS Supporters,

We have some exciting news! The Neu Family is donating $22,222 to MSSP & Slingball, and we are looking for matching donations.

Inspired by our mom, Marilyn J. Neu, whose philosophy was to help others and pay it forward, and motivated by our dad, Roger J. Neu, whose active volunteerism in the community was contagious, we are committed to making a difference.  Randy, Tracy, Carter, and Wendy are proud to donate $22,222 to MSSP/Slingball (222 has a special meaning for our mom).  The Neu Family has officially absorbed the MSSP (Multiple Sclerosis Society of Portland), and to re-energize this non-profit that started in 1949, we need your support!

We are reaching out to anyone with a big heart—whether individuals, family trusts, or company charitable arms—to consider matching our donation. **For those of you whose company matches donations you make to non-profits using Benevity.org to do so, look us up to double your donation!**

Your donation will help kickstart and rejuvenate MSSP programs and infrastructure, providing vital support to those with MS outside of medical insurance. Programs like Summer Comfort, Project Connect, and Project Meetup make a significant impact on the MS community.  Plus, fuel more Slingball Tournaments and other events to raise essential funds for those in need.

Thank you for your generosity and support. Together, we can make a difference!

Just ask Mike Stofiel. Mike has MS, and his complications bring their share of challenges. However, one area where MS hasn’t stopped Mike is music, specifically playing the guitar.

Mike’s Song: “I wrote a song called FUMS because, despite multiple sclerosis, I find ways to adapt! It’s part of my MS vs MS series, where I’m known as the one-finger-and-a-thumb guitarist. FUMS: I’m doing it anyway! I’ve always been more of a rock/blues/jazz person, but I thought I’d try writing a country tune. Sometimes it’s difficult to see my awkwardness in playing now, but I’m still having fun with it :)”

Mike’s History: “I played the guitar for a little over 30 years before I got hit with MS back in ’96. I tried playing for a couple of years after that, but it was so frustrating not being able to form even basic chords anymore, let alone play lead. I got rid of my last guitar in ’98 or ’99. About four or five years ago, after about 17 years of not playing, I started plucking around again in open-key tuning and tried slide guitar, but that proved pretty awkward and limited. I could do a little with it, so I kept trying for about a year or so. Without being able to fingerpick or hold a pick in my hand due to lack of sensation, plus intention tremors worse in my left arm, it was pretty frustrating. So, I stuck to strumming as best I could with my numb right-hand fingers and playing open-key chords using my thumb. Later on, I found I could use my forefinger for notes.”

Mike’s Future: “It’s been an interesting journey over the last couple of years reintroducing myself to playing again, differently! It’s not the greatest, but not too bad for hands that are about 50% numb and cramping!”

Want to help people like Mike? Pledge and donate to MSSP/Slingball!

  • Match Donation of $22k
  • Half Match Donation $11k
  • Partial Match Donation: 5k (or write-in amount)
To match donations contact the Neu Family.

Reminder: Slingball 2024 Sign-Up Deadline is June 15th

Volunteers Needed: We still need scorekeeper volunteers. Do it for Roger Neu!

Much love and thanks, The Neu Family

  heat ball

Want to donate to help Slingball and the fight against MS?  You can do so in several easy ways! Your contribution is tax deductible (Tax ID #93-0511355 MSSP) and you’ll be helping fuel Slingball and the continued fight against MS (learn more).  Here are several easy ways YOU can help:

If forms will not open on your computer, Send an email to randy@slingball.com and let us know what you want to donate!

  1. Make a pledge and donate (Online)
  2. Purchase a Slingball Set (Online)
  3. Participate in an upcoming Tournament
  4. Volunteer time to help with a Tourney
  5. Donate a Silent Auction Item
  6. Spread the word by signing more friends and family up for the Slingball Newsletter or Slingball Twitter or both.   This keeps you informed on all Slingball info! randy@slingball.com to add to newsletter list.
  7. Sponsor a portion of the Tournament:  (Silent Auction, Betting Board, Website pages, contact us for a custom Sponsorship, randy@slingball.com.)
  8. Can’t make it this year? In the event that you are unable to make it this year, you can still donate by purchasing raffle tickets to win the Ultimate Pacific City Weekend package! All proceeds donated will go to benefit the fight against MS. A win/win situation! The Ultimate Pacific City Weekend package includes:


•    Two nights stay at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda (view of haystack rock)
•    Dinner at the Pelican Pub
•    Breakfast at the Grateful Bread
•    Two Bottles of wine from Twist
•    Two Slingball t-shirts

If you have any questions send email to randy@slingball.com!

Past years Silent Auction Items:

Signed Miami Heat Basketball
High-end Bourbon and Whiskey
College Sports Team Growlers
Autographed Seattle Sounders Soccer Ball
Tour of Italy Wine Pack
Napa Valley Wine Pack
Portland Spirit Dinner for Two
Autographed Blazers Jersey
…and many more items

The majority of all Original Slingball proceeds go to raising awareness about Multiple Sclerosis and the fight against MS!

A big thank you to Cook Solutions Group and their Cook Community Builders program, for the donation of employees time and building materials to help build Slingball sets!!!