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Sling Slang


Assassin: Same as a knock off
Bait and switch: similar to a teaser drop down where a player thinks they have a score on one bar but drop down to another.
Diggler: when sling ball simply hangs from cross bar and is vulnerable to a knock off, also known as a tea bag
Dismount: Same as a teaser
Double wrap: when sling ball wraps around the cross bar twice
Drop down: A teaser that “drops down” to a higher score.
Friendly fire: Same as a suicide
Full Boat: All sling balls from both players score, or are not on the ground.
Gallery: Spectators watching the sling ball match
Goal post: When a player hits the side bars
Hitchhiker: Sling balls that wrap around other sling balls.
Hit-n-run: Same as a knock off
Knock off: player knocks off an opponents sling ball
Knock off upgrade: player knocks off an opponents sling ball but to a higher scoring cross bar.

Hitchhiker with Negation

Hitchhiker with Negation

Tommy Knocker: Both slingballs hit 2 different bars at same time making a loud knocking noise.
Line driver: Slinging slingballs low and fast
Lob toss: Lobbing slingballs high into the air
Mary Lou: a dismount that catches the rear bar
Negation or Negator: Scoring the same score right after your opponent scores
Nutmeg: when sling ball goes through cross bars and hits nothing, also called a pass through or clean
Parachuter: In windy conditions when the sling ball seems to die in the wind and drop for a score like a parachute.
Piledriver: When slingballs dismount hard into the ground, also known as a spike
Reverse Mary Lou: a dismount off the rear bar to a front bar
Schwarzenegger: when a player over tosses the cross bars, too much muscle
Short hop: on some surfaces the sling balls can actually bounce of the ground and still appear to score, no score is rewarded but the slingball stays in play
Sidewinder: when sling ball wraps around side bars
Sling baller: player
Sling Balls: ball and string players use to score
Snap Back: When the sling balls snap back towards the tosser by tossing the sling ball perfectly
Snap back circle: a ten foot in diameter circle in between the two cross bars (approximately eight feet from each cross bar) used to generate a bonus throw (Not used in Tournaments)
Snap back upgrade: same as reverse Mary Lou
Suicide: player knocks off their own sling ball
Suicide upgrade: player knocks off their own sling ball to a higher scoring cross bar
Teaser: Sling ball wraps around several times then dismounts
Three ring circus: Scoring all three sling balls on the same cross bar (no Negations)
Triple dismount: three spin teaser then dismounts
Triple wrap: when sling ball wraps around the cross bar three times, very safe from knock off, also known as shrinkage
Water fall: Sling ball scores on each cross bar (excluding rear cross bar)  Must be clean no Negations


A big thank you to Cook Solutions Group and their Cook Community Builders program, for the donation of employees time and building materials to help build Slingball sets!!!